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Marilyn Felt's educational Legacy

Commentaries on Family and Society Films

This audio, originally distributed as an LP record, presents the views of people with many different backgrounds and perspectives on the Family and Society films.

Side 1, 20:14 minutes

0:00 Uri Bronfenbrenner,Professor of Family; Introduction
1:35 David Kanter, Family Therapist; Craig at Home
5:05 Frieda Rebelsky, Professor of Psychology; Craig at Home
9:00 Robert Conrad , Anthropologist; Craig at Home
11:58 Betty Bryant, Psychologist; Craig at Home
16:16 Florence Cherry, Teacher Trainer, John Friedman and Henry Felt, Filmmakers; How the Films Were Made.

Side 2, 21:48 minutes

0:00 Kathy MacMann and Judy Goldstein, Students; Rachel at Home
6:05 Jerome Kagan, Professor of Human Development; Rachel at Home
9:40 Marjory Jones, Teacher; Rachel at Home
12:20 Guadalupe Quintenilla, Director, Mexican-American Studies; Expectations of Chicano Children at Home and at School
17:20 Frieda Rebelsky, Professor of Psychology; Kibbutz Film
19:15 Uri Bronfenbrenner. Professor of Family Studies; Kibbutz Film