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Marilyn Felt's educational Legacy

[Exploring Childhood materials comprise four distinct modules, three curricular and one in support. The 'map' of each module is presented at the beginning of every Teacher's Guide belonging to that module. Below is a copy of one of these maps, providing links to those materials in that module that have been placed on this Web site.]

The Seeing Development Module

The module Seeing Development asks the following questions of students:

Gabriel Is Two Days Old

Bill and Suzi: New Parents

Clay Play

Racing Cars

Looking At Development

Directions In Development
One page

Making Connections

All In The Game

Child's Play

Half A Year Apart

Children's Art

Drawing Sort

Painting Time

Teacher's Guide: Learning About Development and How To Support It

Teacher's Guide: Examining The Meaning Of Play For Children

Teacher's Guide: Learning About Children's Development From Their Art Experiences

Module II. Seeing Development: Determining Children's Needs And Abilities At . . .
Fear, Anger, Dependence

A Child's Eye View

From My Point Of View

Little Blocks

How The World Works

Babies Are Beginnings

Teacher's Guide: Understanding And Helping Children Who Are Coping With Strong Feelings

Teacher's Guide: Seeing How Children View Others And the Ways Children's Views Change With Development

Teacher's Guide: Understanding How Children Make Sense Of The World

Teacher's Guide: Understanding The Needs And Individuality Of Infants And New Parents

. . . Each Age, What Children Need To Grow, And How Their Growth Can Be Supported