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[Exploring Childhood materials comprise four distinct modules, three curricular and one in support. The 'map' of each module is presented at the beginning of every Teacher's Guide belonging to that module. Below is a copy of one of these maps, providing links to those materials in that module that have been placed on this Web site.]

The Family and Society Module

There are seven goals for this module:

We Are a Family
One pageMulti-page

Rachel at Home

Oscar at Home

Michelle at Home

Seiko at Home

Around the Way with Kareema

Rachel at School

Seiko at School

The Inquirer

Childhood Memories (see below)

Howie at Home

Commentaries on Family and Society Films

Craig At Home

Jeffrey at Home

Beyond the Front Door

At the Doctors''

Howie at School

Oscar at School

Teacher's Guide: Explaining what is transmitted in care-giving interactions

Teacher's Guide: Explaining how experiences outside the family affect a child's development

Module III. Family and Society: Considering the effects of . . .
Children in Society

Young Children on the Kibbutz

Raising a Family Alone

Perspectives on Raising a Family Alone

Children's Tracks
One page

Memories of Adolescence

Girl of My Parents

Raising Michael Alone

Raising a Family Alone

Under Stress: Keeping Children Safe

A Case Study of Family Stress

Broken Eggs

Teacher's Guide: Finding out about the resources, agencies, and values that societies provide for children

Teacher's Guide: Understanding the special experiences of one parent families

Teacher's Guide: Learning how stressful situations endanger children and how to get help

. . . family and society on the growth of a child
Alexei Peshkov

Anne Moody


Camara Laye

Charles Eastman

Ernesto Galarza

Freidele Bruser

Jade Snow Wong

Individual Childhood Memories