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Marilyn Felt's educational Legacy

[Exploring Childhood materials comprise four distinct modules, three curricular and one in support. The 'map' of each module is presented at the beginning of every Teacher's Guide belonging to that module. Below is a copy of one of these maps, providing links to those materials in that module that have been placed on this Web site.]

The Working With Children Module

The goals of this module for Exploring Childhood teachers are the following:

Helping Skills

Helping Is ...

Michael's First Day

Teacher, Lester Bit Me

Water Tricks

Getting Involved

What is a Preschool Like?


Being There

Doing Things

What About Discipline?

What is a Child?

No Two Alike

Children with Special Needs Go To School

Sara has Down's Syndrome

Teacher's Guide: Preparing for work with children and learning to discuss field work

Teacher's Guide: Examining feelings and developing skills for working with special needs children

Module I. Working with Children: Preparing for work in fieldsites, and discussion of that work