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Marilyn Felt's educational Legacy

Publications About Exploring Childhood

Overview of Exploring Childhood (PDF, 60KB)by Marilyn Felt, Undated (this is possibly the 1974 paper cited by ERIC - ED101857), 14 pg.

This reading describes the over-all conceptual and pedagogical designs of the course. By presenting the assumptions and questions that guided the development of the course materials, this paper aims to provide a better understand of the goals for Exploring Childhood.

Does Exploring Childhood have a Theory? (PDF, 40KB). by Marilyn Felt, Undated, 10 pg.

This short paper presents the 'active' view of child development underlying the curriculum, a view supported by Erikson, Montessori, and Piaget, and how that view is embodied in the curriculum.

Exploring Childhood: A New Way for High School Students to Learn, Marilyn Felt and Peter Dow, Children Today, March/April, 1973 (not available)

An Informal Study of the Feasibility of Adapting and Implementing the Exploring Childhood Program in Middle School and Elements of a Strategy Based on Findings. (PDF, 160KB), by Marilyn Felt 1995, 21 pg

This final report describes the difficulties of incorporating Exploring Childhood into the present-day public education system. It suggests dissemination strategies and changes in focus that could be used to revive the curriculum. This study was funded by the Smith-Richardson Foundation..

In an eloquent 2008 interview, Tom Fitzgerald Reflects on Exploring Childhood (Video), he captures the spirit and effectiveness of Exploring Childhood, describing the dissemination and use of the curriculum, from the point of view of teacher as well as regional coordinator.