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Marilyn Felt's educational Legacy


Lightsong is Marilyn's expression of love, admiration, grief, and hope in response to the death from cancer at age 32 of her hugely talented musician son Josh Clayton-Felt. Lightsong was first written as an animated feature film script but due to the improbability of its production in that form rewritten as a seven part audio drama. Josh's songs had always been a sort of musical diary and are threaded throughout the play.

Lightsong had been completed and partially workshopped when Marilyn died. Lightsong has now being produced, wonderfully directed by Wren Ross and performed by an equally wonderful cast of professional actors. This large scale work involving twenty-one actors and extensive post-production, started in August of 2007 was released May 18th on the Web site and via iTunes. It may eventually appear in other venues as well.