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The Exploring Childhood Materials

This listing of materials is based on the 1980 booklet Exploring Childhood: Program Overview and Catalog of Materials (PDF, 5MB). That booklet also contains an extended description of the materials and their places within the Exploring Childhood curriculum and is highly recommended as an entry point. This listing contains additions - at the beginning - of introductory materials - and at the end - of other materials not included in that catalog. In this catalog the curriculum has been broken up into eight parts, an alternative to the three module structure presented on the laft-hand menu. These sections are: Getting Started With Exploring Childhood, Healthy Development, Infancy, Family and Society, Children With Special Needs, Child Abuse and Treatment, Preschool, Single-Parent Families, For Program Leaders and Teachers, 16mm Films, and in adition, Materials Not In the 1980 Catalog.

The text materials listed here are generally in the form of large, high quality pdf files suitable for printing. See the FAQ page for more information about how to view them, their sizes and download times. To provide additional information about each item, if you let the mouse rest over a link to it, a brief description of that item will appear.

T.G. appended to a title in the listing stands for 'Teacher's Guide'. All other materials are for the classroom. Materials listed whose names are not Web links have not yet been posted on the site.

The materials listed may not be the most recent versions. Also note that some items have been labelled in the Comments as missing. If you have possess or have knowledge of later or missing materials please contact me, George Lukas at <>

Exploring Childhood:
Program Overview
and Catalog of Materials
Booklet32 pages19805 MB-

Getting Started With Exploring Childhood

Exploring ChildhoodTrifold11x8.5 inchesundated1 MB-
Exploring Childhood is . . .Poster17x22 inches19781 MB-
Effective Parenting:
Love and Knowledge
Poster20x27 inchesundated1 MB-
Introduction to Exploring Childhood:
Seminar and Selected Readings
Booklet38 pages19748 MB-
Exploring Childhood Preview
Package: A Sampler
Booklet49 pages197210 MB-

Healthy Development

What Is a Child?Poster24x36 inches19731 MB-
Child's Eye ViewBooklet35 pages19737 MB-
Child's Eye View (T.G.)Booklet45 pages198210 MB-
Child's PlayBooklet32 pages19735 MB-
Child's Play (T.G.)Booklet40 pages19809 MB-
Childrens Tracks
  One page
63x44 inches19745 MB One page
15 MB Multi-page
Looking at DevelopmentBooklet14 pages19753 MB-
Looking at Development
and Making Connections (T.G.)
Booklet100 pages197722 MB-
Directions in Development
  One page
Poster46x36 inches19731 MB One page
2 MB Multi-page
Children's ArtBooklet44 pages19738 MB-
Children's Art (T.G.)Booklet47 pages198011 MB-
Children's ArtPoster24x36 inches19731 MB-
What About Discipline?Booklet32 pages19756 MB-
Getting Involved/Doing Things/
What About Discipline?/
What is a Preschool Like? (T.G.)
Booklet114 pages198023 MB-
Fear, Anger, DependenceBooklet28 pages19755 MB-
Fear, Anger, Dependence (T.G.)Booklet34 pages19777 MB-
How the World WorksBooklet16 pages19773 MB-
How the World Works (T.G)Booklet40 pages19777 MB-
Making ConnectionsBooklet18 pages19737 MB-


Babies Are BeginningsCard Set24 cards19769 MB-
Babies Are Beginnings (T.G.)Booklet94 pages197718 MB-
Looking at DevelopmentBooklet14 pages19753 MB-
Looking at Development
and Making Connections (T.G.)
Booklet100 pages197722 MB-

Family and Society

We Are a Family
  One page
Poster44x38 inches19741 MB One page
1 MB Multi-page
The InquirerTabloid8 pages19742 MB-
Childhood Memories:
Anne Moody
booklet20 pages19743 MB-
Childhood Memories:
Ernesto Galarza
booklet20 pages19743 MB-
Childhood Memories:
booklet20 pages19743 MB-
Childhood Memories:
Charles Eastman
booklet20 pages19743 MB-
Childhood Memories:
Freidele Bruser
booklet20 pages19743 MB-
Childhood Memories:
Jade Snow Wong
booklet20 pages19743 MB-
Childhood Memories:
Camara Laye
booklet20 pages19743 MB-
Childhood Memories:
Alexei Peshkov
booklet20 pages19743 MB-
Memories of AdolescenceRecord---Missing
Commentaries on
Family and Society Films
Record42 minutesundated--
Beyond the Front DoorBooklet32 pages19747 MB-
Children in SocietyBooklet25 pages19746 MB-
Family and Society Part 1 (T.G.)Booklet110 pages197419 MB-
Family and Society Part 2 (T.G.)Booklet58 pages197712 MB-
Family and Society Part 3 (T.G.)Booklet37 pages19749 MB-

Children with Special Needs

No Two Alike: Helping Children
with Special Needs
Booklet111 pages197528 MB-
Children with Special Needs
Go To School
Booklet91 pages1976-Missing
Children with Special Needs
Go To School
No Two Alike: Working with Children (T.G.)Booklet95 pages197417 MB-

Child Abuse and Treatment

Under Stress
Keeping Children Safe
Booklet26 pages19748 MB-
A Case Study of Family StressRecord---Missing
Under Stress (T.G.)Booklet56 pages197412 MB-


Doing ThingsBooklet46 pages197311 MB-
What is a Preschool Like?Booklet18 pages19724 MB-
Getting InvolvedBooklet60 pages197612 MB-
Working with Children (T.G.)Booklet---Missing
Helping SkillsRecord---Missing
Being ThereFilmstrip---Missing
Being ThereRecord---Missing

Single-Parent Families

Raising a Family AloneBooklet56 pages1976--
Raising a Family Alone (T.G.)Booklet52 pages197611 MB-
Case Studies in Raising a
Family Alone

For Program Leaders and Teachers

Organizing the ProgramBooklet 34 pages19817 MB-
Workshops for Teachers
(Leader's Manual)
Booklet 170 pages197524 MB-
Fieldsite Teacher's ManualBooklet 42 pages19748 MB-
Teaching and Evaluation StrategiesBooklet112 pages198019 MB-
Seminars for Parents
(Leader's Guide)
Booklet36 pages19756 MB-
Evaluation Summary: Year 1Booklet42 pages19757 MB-
Evaluation Summary: Year 2Booklet55 pages19769 MB-
Funding SourcesBooklet30 pages19807 MB-
Classroom Experiences:
Working with Children
Classroom Experiences:
Seeing Development
Classroom Experiences:
Family and Society
Role PlayingCassette---Missing

16mm Films

Michael's First DayFilm6 minutes--Missing
Water TricksFilm13 minutes--Missing
StorytimeFilm5 minutes--Missing
Teacher, Lester Bit Me!Film9 minutes1974--
Helping Is...Film12 minutes1973--
Sara Has Down's SyndromeFilm16 minutes--Missing
Half a Year ApartFilm12 minutes--Missing
Gabriel Is Two Days OldFilm15 minutes1972--
Bill and Suzi: New ParentsFilm13 minutes--Missing
From My Point of ViewFilm13 minutes--Missing
Little BlocksFilm8 minutes1973--
Painting TimeFilm7 minutes--Missing
Racing CarsFilm8 minutes1973--
Clay PlayFilm8 minutes1973--
Craig at HomeFilm13 minutes1973--
Jeffrey at HomeFilm11 minutes1973--
Howie at HomeFilm13 minutes--Missing
Rachel at HomeFilm11 minutes1973--
Rachel at Home IIFilm20 minutes1972--
Oscar at HomeFilm10 minutes--Missing
Michelle at Home (Hi Daddy!)Film10 minutes--Missing
Seiko at HomeFilm12 minutes--Missing
Howie at SchoolFilm7 minutes--Missing
Rachel at SchoolFilm11 minutes1974--
Oscar at SchoolFilm6 minutes--Missing
Seiko at SchoolFilm7 minutes--Missing
At the Doctor'sFilm10 minutes--Missing
Around the Way with KareemaFilm18 minutes--Missing
Girl of My ParentsFilm8 minutes--Missing
Young Children on the KibbutzFilm18 minutes1973--
Broken EggsFilm10 minutes1974--
Raising Michael AloneFilm17 minutes--Missing
Raising a Family Alone (Daniel)Film9 minutes--Missing
Families Revisited: Jenny Is 4;
Rachel Is 7
Film18 minutes1976--
Exploring Childhood: Preview FilmFilm13 minutes--Missing
Toward a New RelationshipFilm19 minutes--Missing

Materials not in the 1980 Catalog

Tom Fitzgerald Reflects on Exploring ChildhoodFilm13 minutes2008--
What Did You See? (T.G. and
Seminar: Making Connections)
Booklet71 pages197314 MB-
What Would You Do?Two-sided
36x24 inches19731 MB-
Approaches to Evaluating
Student Learning
Booklet32 pages19757 MB-
Film Transcripts and
Background Readings
Booklet130 pages197529 MB-