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Marilyn Felt's educational Legacy

Educational Studies

Growth Implications and the Earth's Future, A Study of Curriculum Materials and Student Views. 1977, Education Development Center. 149p (no ISBN number), ERIC ED144789 (full text not available) Study of the capability of existing high school programs to teach about the future, global economic growth, and systemic thinking. Funded by the Rockefeller Brothers' Fund.

The Role of the Non—Medical Curriculum Specialist in Working with Geriatricians (PDF, 50KB)

Improving Our Schools: Thirty-three Studies That Inform Local Action: A compendium and analysis of the high school studies produced in the early 1980's. 1985, Education Development Center, 224p, ISBN 0892920912, Funded by the Ford Foundation.

Teachers' Perspectives on Research: A survey and report on teachers' access to, application of, and perceived need for educational research. Funded by the Ford Foundation. (unavailable)